Reimer Writes
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ISBN 13: 9780889228542 | ISBN 10: 088922854X
5 W x 8.5 H inches | 128 pages

Available through Talonbooks

Reimer captures, collages, and excavates language with an ear for its sometimes hidden, sometimes painfully obvious, political dimensions. Downverse elegantly and often comically questions what poetry might have to do with the language that makes up our world — or might have to do now, since this language has sped past our poetry. ~ Jonathan Ball, The Winnipeg Free Press

Reimer doesn’t talk about the ambient digital, millennial, or geopolitical—taking them as her materials, she fashions them into the arresting verbal artifacts that make Downverse a surprise at every turn. ~ Lee Norton, Ethos Review


Shortlisted – Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

ISBN: 978-1-897181-38-6
6 W x 9 H inches | 96 pages

Available through Frontenac House

Reimer questions the ethic that governs increasingly precarious forms of work, and specifically draws attention to the panoptic surveillance and regulation of women through the imposition of sartorial regulations that limit their agency and enforce social norms. . . When Reimer writes the body, she writes a body that is materially grounded and implicate din cultural, historical, economic and corporeal processes.” ~ Heather Milne, Poetry Matters: Neoliberalism, Affect, and the Posthuman in Twenty-First Century North American Feminist Poetics.

For Reimer, or for the text at this moment, the semantic shift from left-handed to politics (the left) and the body (the hand, getting laid) is never certain, but certainly always in play. ~Christine Stewart and Clint Burnham, Canadian Literature.

A rare young poet who can channel the energy given off by her personality into things greater than just MORE personality. Reimer lets it bleed into form, into cadence, into pace. The book wants you to read it cover-to-cover in, like, 30 minutes. A tough trick to pull off.” ~Vox Populism

[sic] is a giddy, whimsical and expertly timed series of fake-outs and sucker punches. Corporatism, sexism and intellectual sloth all get brought out for questioning in a series of wild, gesticulating poems…Reimer’s voice is both dexterous and savvy.” ~The Globe and Mail

Reimer’s poems are lyric but full of jarring leaps of logic, in a poetic of speed and erasure.” ~ryan fitzpatrick

Her subversions are sometimes cutthroat precise, sometimes as subtle as a tire-slash, bloody and prehensile, tearing through to the guts and heart of what language can possibly do. ~Rob McLennan